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IMPORTANT! Doge Full Node Drive! Help Doge Network By Running Full Node! Instructions Inside. One Click Install 4 VPS!

As stated by peoplma the doge network could use some more full nodes to help the new shibes download their blockchain faster. So please, if you are able, run a full node. Read more about it at the link below.
Also, if you have the means, spin up some vpn's and set up full nodes(try to set them up in different geographical locations if possible to spread out the help). The awesome shibe xJRWR has set up a one click script that will set up the wallet on the vps for you. Easy peasy! I am in the process right this moment of firing up a vps, I expect to have my full node online within the hour.
The one click script info is located here:
Please dear shibes, help us make the network faster for new shibes. I am giving my word that from this point on to always provide at least one full node for the network. If my finances get better, I will add more. Please do what you can and support this awesome coin and awesome community. If you only have 8 connections to the network, then no. Much love. <3
Here is a list of how many nodes we have at the time of this post:
The map shows concentration of 1126 Dogecoin active nodes:
1 United States 416
2 United Kingdom 90
3 Unknown 84
4 Canada 70
5 China 63
6 France 50
7 Australia 48
8 Germany 33
9 Russian Federation 31
10 Netherlands 20
11 Italy 13
12 Sweden 13
13 Finland 12
14 Norway 11
15 Korea, Republic of 10
... Other 162
edit 2:
What is a full node?
You can read about it at the below links. Although its about bitcoin full nodes, everything still applies to doge full nodes since we run on the same technology.
edit 3:
Can the core dogecoin wallet act as a full node?
Yes, if you set it up correctly. You need to make sure you have checked "Allow incoming connections" in your doge wallet settings. Also, you need to make sure if you have a router that you forward port 22556 to the computer that you have your wallet on. When you have it all set up correctly you will have more then 8 connections to the network. If you have 8 connections or less, you are only pulling information from the network, if you have more then 8 connections, you are adding information to the network.
edit 4:
Running a full node will burn up a ton of bandwidth. So make sure you have plenty available if you plan on running a full node. It could also slow your internet connection way down so that is something to look out for.
edit 5:
Also just to be clear, we are not having network issues. We are just trying to be prepared for big influxes of users. Bitcoin went through the same motions of getting more nodes for more future users. This is only smart and common sense. The more the better.
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