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Your top 3 crypto currencies?

Hi All, I have just watched a couple of documentaries on bitcoin and as you can imagine they have sparked my interest. I have been trying for a couple of weeks to open an account with bitoasis and although I found this easy I have been unable to transfer cash from my bank account... annoying. Anyway, the price of bitcoins is so high that it feels a bit depressing just having enough cash to buy 1. I was wondering if some people might give me there personal opinions on their top three alternatives to bitcoin (providing I can get them in Dubai) Thanks in advance!
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Buying Bitcoin in UAE

Hi bitcoin,
Here in UAE bitcoin is slowly taking off. I, for one am interested and have watched this subreddit for the past few months. I would like to buy bitcoin. Here in UAE we have 1 exchange and that is igot. I hear bad reviews from them from this subreddit, so it's putting me off it.
I was wondering what would be the best possible outcome would be for me to purchase bitcoin with a very low fee or none for that matter. I travel from Here to US, EU, and Canada a lot. So if I am able to purchase using my bitcoin that would be great!
Much Thanks!
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[Hiring] - Social Media Manager

n Rapidly Growing Global Business n Manage Global Social Media Networks n Work From Home
igot is an innovative Australian start-up and one of the world’s fastest growing Bitcoin exchange platforms. Having achieved stellar growth igot now has a presence in over 40 countries and operations in seven countries and growing.
We need a highly capable and switched on Social Media Manager to plan, execute and manage social media channels as we go global. This is an exciting time for us, and this is a challenging role that offers flexibility, autonomy and the opportunity to set the social media strategy and have a major impact on the business.
Duties in brief: n Promote and build awareness of igot’s Bitcoin exchange platform amongst targeted global community bases, developing PR and brand awareness campaigns. n Create, monitor, curate, respond to and manage content and related Bitcoin industry news that that develops and expands community awareness of igot’s service offering.. n Support user acquisition through the creation and delivery of content marketing through social media, blogs, EDMs, SEM/SEA and promotional events. n Become a champion in Social Media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate. n Monitor the impact of Social Media campaigns - analyse, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximise results. n Proactive engagement and management of Bitcoin communities and related sites – engage members, promote content and showcase igot through case studies, interviews and blog posts. n Provide insights for marketing stakeholders to enhance user experience, and support the development of platform and promote growth and recognition of igot’s brand.
Requirements: n You will hold a degree in marketing/communications/relevant discipline plus have a proven track record in social media and content marketing gained over the past 3-5 years. n Demonstrable experience in growing and developing user communities – involvement in Bitcoin industry groups highly regarded. n Superior written and verbal communication skills n Demonstrable ability to work independently and self-direct to achieve goals. n Ability to work across a broad set of objectives and deliver successful outcomes.
Remuneration: A highly competitive salary package will be awarded the successful candidate.
For more info, go to -
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How Does BitCoin Work? - YouTube Igotcom Bitcoin, Rick Day - ABC NEWS 7:30 Report Borrowing Bitcoin-Bitbond Tutotrial & Review or how i got my funds for investing Bitcoin Evolution Review, SCAM? Yes. I Got Scammed! Bitcoin - I got SCAMMED For $10,000 - YouTube

And when I made complaints things got worse. They deleted inflammatory texts from there only and only staff member (Julie, but she goes by a few different names) But don't worry I still have copies. I have been told that many lies it would make a conman blush. The last $3,000 transfer I made to them got lost because they decided to change banking details, without telling their customers. So ... Ans. Although Bitcoin Pro is developed to maximize profits and reduce the risk, we cannot guarantee that it can generate thousands of dollars per day. However, Bitcoin is a profitable asset, and the returns of it would depend on the cryptocurrency market conditions. It has got great reviews online, which confirms that this is real and legit. It ... Bitcoin Aussie System Reviews – Auto Trading Platform Bitcoin Aussie System. Open Free Account . About Founder of Bitcoin Aussie System. In 2016, Bitcoin Aussie System was established by one of the most experienced software engineers of Australia, Jasper Boyle. Recently, Jasper Boyle’s trading platform has become most popular in Australia, and it has been used by traders all over the world ... The problem is that there are companies out there like the bitcoin code, which use things like bitcoin trading to scam people out of their money, but they dont just use bitcoin, they have side companies who use fiat currency (paper money) forex trading to rip people off (they got me that way, and that is how I knew bitcoin code was a scam) However bitcoin itself is a wonderful thing and has ... RATING: 1 / 3 REVIEWS Bitlio is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe. RECOMMENDED BITCOIN BROKERS. COINBASE - GET FREE BITCOIN. Trading accounts and conditions . Account type . Minimum trade size. Leverage. Fees. Standard. No. None. 1%* *Depends on volume. The buy and sell commissions both vary from 0 to 1%, depending on volume. There is also the option to avoid paying ...

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How Does BitCoin Work? - YouTube

If money is only valuable when we believe in it, how much is a BitCoin actually worth? Jonathan explains the virtual currency as well as how to mine it and t... BITCOIN TODAY!! I got REPORTED TO HMRC The TAXMAN HERE IN ENGLAND FOR UNPAID CRYPTO TAXES!! Bitcoin is sat on a cliff next to a trampoline, is bitcoin price ... The System I use For Bitcoin and all Cryptocurrencies Event ticket The Long Term Busines... ===== Bitbond- a lending platform where you can earn by lending bitcoin or fiat currency up to 13% intrest, amd place where you can borrow bitcoin or fiat to finance your start up at rates ... - Bitcoin Express Review- Is Bitcoin Express scam? In today’s video, I want to tell you all about Bitcoin Express and how...